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Materials and Chemistry


Main organisation:Faculty of Engineering
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2006 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Department 'Materials and Chemistry' (MACH) of the Faculty of Engineering of the VUB, combines the research units 'Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science' (FYSC), the 'High Resolution NMR Centre' (HNMR) and 'Electrochemical and Surface Engineering' (SURF). FYSC research activities are focused on '(molecular and supramolecular) structure - processing - property' relations in polymers for developing multi-functional materials with improved performance. FYSC has an extended infrastructure of state-of-the-art thermal analysis equipment in combination with complementary techniques for the physical-chemical characterization of polymers. SURF (Electrochemical and surface engineering; website: wwwir.vub.ac.be/meta) is a recently merged research group of former META (Group of Metallurgy, Electrochemistry and Materials Science) and former CEG (Computational Electrochemistry Group of ETEC). In the group research revolves around 5 cross-linked areas of expertise in electrochemistry, nano-surfaces and their combination. The interfaculty research group 'High Resolution NMR Centre' HNMR focuses on the development and application of advanced NMR methods and their use in the structural analysis of organic, inorganic, and hybrid mùaterials.

Keywords:material science, thermal analysis, chemistry, surface analysis, NMR, polymer science, engineering, electrochemistry
Disciplines:Natural sciences, Humanities and the arts, Engineering and technology, Agricultural, veterinary and food sciences