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Leuven Centre for Irish Studies

Research Institute

Lifecycle:1 May 2009 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Leuven Centre for Irish Studies has three objectives: first, to stimulate cooperation between researchers from Irish universities and from the Association of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; second, to conduct research in the traditional fields of Irish Studies as well as in research areas related to the Irish context; and finally, to promote cultural events in cooperation with the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe.

Three research areas can be distinguished within the Leuven Centre for Irish Studies:

  1. Literature, History, Theology, Philosophy and Fine Arts
  2. PeaceĀ and Transformative Growth
  3. Economics, Business, Law, Innovation and Valorization
Keywords:Irish Studies
Disciplines:Theory and methodology of philosophy, Philosophy, Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Theology and religious studies, Curatorial and related studies, History, Other history and archaeology, Art studies and sciences, Artistic design, Audiovisual art and digital media, Heritage, Music, Theatre and performance, Visual arts , Other arts, Product development, Study of regions, Language studies, Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Theory and methodology of literary studies, Other languages and literary studies, Law, Applied economics, Economic history, Macroeconomics and monetary economics, Microeconomics, Tourism