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Laboratorium for Digital Speech and Audio Processing

Research Group

Lifecycle:26 Feb 2004 →  6 May 2019
Organisation profile:

"The laboratory for Digital Speech and Audio Processing is rooted in seminal research on speech signal analysis and synthesis that was initiated more than twenty-five years ago. Since that time the laboratory has acquired international recognition for its achievements, especially in the field of speech modification systems where we have introduced the well-known time-scaling algorithm WSOLA, as well as several contributions on voice modification, and many other subjects. In the last decade, we continued to strengthen and expand our core competences in the area of speech processing and we entered the neighbouring domains of audio processing and modelling with a special interest in sinusoidal modelling of musical signals and animal sounds. We are currently active in both the fields of speech technology and audio processing with several research projects in cooperation with scientific institutes as well as commercial companies. Together with the IRIS Research Group, we have recently begun to structure our common efforts in the field of audiovisual signal processing in view of a future strengthening of our international participation in research and development programs on multi-modal signal processing systems."

Keywords:digital speech, Audio Processing
Disciplines:Signal processing, Multimedia processing