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HIV and Tuberculosis

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1990 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Unit of HIV/AIDS was created in 2011 and is headed by Prof. Lut Lynen (MD, internist). The unit’s field of interest is AIDS care in resource-limited settings, in particular HIV co-infections and opportunistic infections.

  • HIV co-infections (tuberculosis, hepatitis C)
  • Diagnosis and management of MDR-TB
  • Clinical decision making and guideline development
  • Models of care for HIV patients
  • Short Course on Antiretroviral Therapy (2003-2010)
  • Electronic Short Course on Antiretroviral Therapy (2008-)
  • Short Course on Clinical Research and Evidence Based Medicine (2008-)
  • AIDS care modules in all courses at ITM (2003-)
  • Drug-resistant tuberculosis
Capacity building and operational research in low-resource settings
  • Management of HIV & co-infections, in particular TB and hepatitis C
  • Clinical Decision Making & Guideline Development
  • Prognostic research: score building

In Cambodia, Ethiopia, South Africa

Service delivery by the Unit of HIV/AIDS includes active participation in
  • Medical services (HIV, STI, Travel Medicine)
  • WHO guideline development group in the field of HIV and opportunistic infections
  • Advisory committees: Swaziland TasP advisory committee