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Experimental and Applied Psychology

Lifecycle:1 Oct 2008 →  31 Mar 2019
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EXTO conducts research in four focused research groups 1) BIPS: Physiology & neuropsychology of sleep, sleeplessness and cognitive performance 2) SOSP: Social cognitive neuroscience The way our brain builds up impressions about other people is a major topic of research at the V.U.B. We make use of the most modern techniques using brain imaging to study this, including ERP and fMRI. 3) COPS: Attention and implicit learning, including: * Mental chronometry: Sequential effects, S-R compatibility, the Simon and Flanker effect. * Visual focused attention. * Implicit sequence learning, including age effects, and patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease * Doping and maximal performance. * Influence of Psychoactive drugs on implicit and explicit memory and learning. 4) MEPS: Measurement of subjective beliefs, including: * Measurement of subjective concepts such as Happiness * Information integration or how people built a general impression * Measurement invariance * Quality of research through the Internet 5) WOPS: Non-profit and talent management

Keywords:non-profit organisations, talent management, rating scales, sleep, social neuroscience, attention, implicit learning
Disciplines:Human experimental psychology, General psychology, Social psychology