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Clinical Digestive Oncology


Lifecycle:1 Jan 2012 →  31 Jul 2022
Organisation profile:

The research group Clinical Digestive Oncology focuses on:

  1. Clinical research on new treatment modalities with a focus on strategy of treatment sequences and on new drugs, including also radionucleide treatment. The clinical research is also focused towards the multidisciplinary management and multimodal treatment of gastrointestinal tumors.
  2. Clinical research on optimization of diagnostic modalities including response evaluation with modern imaging techniques and functional imaging with new PET tracers and diffusion and perfusion MRI.
  3. Understanding Hereditary Colon Cancer syndromes.
  4. Impact of screening for colon cancer.
    In 3. and 4. an integration of advanced endoscopic imaging is important.
  5. Translational research: prognostic and predictive markers for outcome and response of patients treated with GI malignancies through access to blood and tumor of patients treated in Leuven and in national or large international clinical trials.
  6. Understanding mechanisms of resistance and sensitivity to new drugs
Disciplines:Morphological sciences, Oncology