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Centre for Contemporary Social History

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970  →  31 Dec 1999
Organisation profile:

Topic A: Construction history in 19th-century Belgium (J.Hannes) Building cycle, state and private investments, road construction Topic B: Agricultural history (J. Hannes) Production costs, total output Topic C: Spatial & social segregation in housing (J.Hannes, P.Van den Eeckhout) Structure of house ownership in Brussels, c.1860 Topic D: Determinants of wage labour of women, c. 1900 (P.Van den Eeckhout ) Working-class family incomes, contribution of women, men and children, wage levels and labour possibilities Topic E: Home workers in late 19th-century cities (P.Van den Eeckhout) Decentralized modes of production, labour flexibility, sub-contracting Topic F: Historiography of leisure research in Belgium (P.Van den Eeckhout) Policy making, ideology, relation to labour Topic G: Real wages in Europe, 19th -20th century (P.Scholliers) Wage and price developments, relation to standard of living, construction of historical index numbers Topic H: Ghent cotton workers in 19th century (P.Scholliers) Wage development, employment patterns, child labour, business history Topic I: History of the diet, 19th and 20th centuries (P.Scholliers) Food consumption, cultural aspects, restaurants, social policy

Keywords:Standard Of Living, Wage History, Consumption Pattern, Labour Market, Economic History, Social Inequality, Social History, Economic Development, Price History, Employment Pattern
Disciplines:History and archaeology, Economics and business, Philosophy, ethics and religious studies