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Behavioural Biology

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Oct 2003  →  30 Sep 2012
Organisation profile:Our research focuses on social behavioural mechanisms in mammals, especially humans. The core question is always an evolutionary one: In what why is behaviour an evolutionary adaptation?In human behaviour we emphasize on the analysis of communication of emotions, both the production of signals as their perception. The influence of testosterone on emotional behaviour is investigated.We also inquire into the appropriateness of the hypothesis about artistic expressions in humans: Art is formed by sexual selection, and has therefore adaptive value.As far as the social behaviour of non-human primates is concerned, the structure and cohesion of the harem system of hamadryas baboons is studied.In cats our research investigates the mechanism(s) the animals use to recognize kin, as well as how cats avoid inbreeding in a natural way. This topic has applied implications on animal welfare.
Disciplines:Psychiatry and psychotherapy, Education, culture and society