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Antwerp Cultural Heritage Sciences (ARCHES)

Research Group

Main organisation:Heritage
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2013 →  Today
Organisation profile:Contemporary conservation science is interdisciplinary and includes aspects of the natural, human and social sciences. Furthermore, the conservation-science is characterized by a continuing integration of practice and theory. A strong "cross-linking "between these various aspects is necessary to be able to carry out. Finally, it is important to point out that the conservation-science also has its own history, culture, ethics and philosophy. The research connects its actions on three main 'focal points' of UA policy: sustainable development; city history and materials research. The research group 'Heritage & Sustainability' will also have the foci significantly spearheads' City History 'and' Materials Research. This is because (1) the focus of the Training conservation-restoration (Historic Interior of the Low Countries), (2) the specificity of the H / S practice (historical techniques and materials), (3) the expertise and ongoing research projects and, finally (4) how these complements each other, support and strengthen. The concept of "sustainability" is regarded as the framework within which the components 'urban history' and 'materials research' can be understood. For that reason, there is need for thoughtful development of a transdisciplinary framework. The research is translated concretely into the conservation-restoration practice in the form of research and development of advanced, non-invasive treatment methods (eg atmospheric plasma.) research on historical techniques and materials; development of a critical theory of heritage with a view to enabling and promoting a transdisciplinary conceptual framework and the research and development of innovative forms of collection preservation, management and curatorship.
Disciplines:Conservation-restoration science, Analytical chemistry, Materials science and engineering, Archaeology, Curatorial and related studies, History, Art studies and sciences, Heritage