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Monitoring and Restoration of Aquatic Fauna Instituut voor Bos- en Natuuronderzoek

The Monitoring and Restoration of Aquatic Fauna team conducts policy-related scientific research on the monitoring and restoration of aquatic fauna, especially fish. Within the framework of various national and international directives (the Species Decree, the Water Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive, Natura 2000, the European Eel Regulation and the Invasive Alien Species Regulation), we sample the streams, tidal and non-tidal ...

Biology Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The three main research orientations of the department are: molecular biology, human biology and environment. The project focus on the following areas: 1. Parasitology; 2. Immunology and cancer therapy; 3. Development biology; 4. Environmental genetics; 5. Bio-diversity and plant genetics/engineering; 6. Nature conservation; 7. Marine and terrestrial ecology; 8. Mangroves preservation; 9. Eco-(geno) toxicity.