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Political Representation in Diverse Societies Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Political representation is a crucial concept in political science. In essence, representation entails something or someone (the agent) standing for an absent thing or person (the principal). Political representation thus places an intermediary (agent) between citizens (principals) and political decision-making. These agents are called representatives. The fact that every society contains different interests and nodes that want to be ...

Topological Algebra, Functional Analysis and Category Theory Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The research team investigates mathematical structures that are important in several basic areas of mathematics like geometry, representation theory, functional analysis, differential calculus or theory of approximation. The motivation also comes from outside mathematics, from computer science or physics where some of the mathematical structures that are studied are called upon as models. By application of methods from category theory the ...

History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture KU Leuven


The division ‘Architecture and Society’ stands at the crossroads between engineering and the architectural sciences on the one hand, and the humanities and social sciences on the other, and uses a broad variety of relevant methodologies from these fields in an interdisciplinary perspective. Its research ranges from theory to practice and experimentation, across all spatial scales from the building element to the territorial, and through time ...

Mathematics-TW Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The main research topics of the department WISK are: 1. p-adic analysis The functions studied in the mathematical analysis have real and complex values. One can replace the real or complex numbers by other numbers: the p-adic numbers (p is a prime). These numbers have properties that are rather different from the properties of real numbers. For instance when calculating with p-adic numbers rounding errors do not occur. The analysis built on ...

Algebra Hasselt University

The research team Algebra is active in the area of non-commutative algebraic geometry, invariant theory and non-commutative rings (graded rings, Hopf algebras, quantum groups, enveloping algebras, ...) with applications, among others, in representation theory and group theory.

Fundamental Mathematics University of Antwerp

The research group of Fundamental Mathematics in Antwerp covers a broad range of research fields from algebra over geometry to analysis. In more detail, the research areas represented by the professors and their research teams are:- Karim Becher:Quadratic forms, field arithmetic, central simple algebras, Brauer groups, linear algebraic groups.- David Eelbode:Conformally invariant operators, representation theory, spin groups, Clifford analysis.- ...

Algebra Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The research unit Algebra develops research on ring theory, groups and semigroups. This includes research on the algebraic structure of important classes of rings and semigroups, such as, group and semigroup rings, lineair groups and submonoids of polycyclic-by-finite groups. The main goals include the description of the unit group of integral group rings, the isomorphism problem of group rings, the characterisation of Noetherian semigroup ...