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Biogas-E is the platform for anaerobic digestion in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. It is a not-for-profit organization that was founded by the department of Environmental Sciences at HOWEST (University College West Flanders) in Kortrijk. Biogas-E strives to maximize the biogas potential in Flanders and to this end will support as many initiatives on anaerobic digestion as possible by giving objective but accurate advice.

Knowledge center

Biogas-E aims at being an independent center of knowledge on all aspects (technological, economical, legislative, social and ecological) of anaerobic digestion. Through close cooperation with various other organizations, Biogas-E keeps a practical focus and continually detects and signals bottlenecks hindering the implementation of anaerobic digestion, while at the same time following up on technological innovation in this sector through participation in various research projects. Biogas-E also serves as a reference center where all concerned stakeholders can get first advice and independent information free of charge. Knowledge is also spread through various publications; a prime one is the well-cited yearly progress report which summarizes the current status and trends of anaerobic digestion in Flanders.  In addition various flyers and brochures have published, dedicated to specific aspects such as safety, legislation, incorrect perceptions etc.

Policy support

Using our knowledge and experience, we provide objective information to policy makers in order to stimulate the development of anaerobic digestion in Flanders.  We also strive to support new applications such as green gas, green heat, etc.


Presentations, courses and excursions are organized by Biogas-E in order to properly inform operators, manufacturers, students and other interested stakeholders and to stimulate interchange of ideas and knowledge. Knowledge and know-how are also being shared within the framework of various projects.

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