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Workshop: Curriculum Development for Technical Communication in a Digitalized World Based on the TecCOMFrame Competence Framework

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Mainly due to technology developments, the roles of technical communicators are constantly evolving. Therefore, it is important that curricula in technical communication stay up to date with the developments to prepare students for their future jobs. Participants in this workshop will develop ideas for a new, future-oriented course, based on the competencies and learning outcomes as defined in the TecCOMFrame Competence Framework. This framework was developed as part of an EU-funded project with the goal of stimulating curriculum development in technical communication. The outcomes of the workshop will be saved in a wiki, so participants can use them and further develop them afterwards, according to their specific context and needs. Index Terms – Curriculum development, digitalization, TecCOMFrame, technical communication.
Boek: Proceedings 2019 IEEE International Professional Communication Conference ProComm 2019
Pagina's: 259 - 261
Aantal pagina's: 3
Jaar van publicatie:2019
Authors from:Higher Education