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The use of erection enhancing medication and party drugs among men living with HIV in Europe

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Studies have shown more erectile dysfunction (ED) in men living with HIV (MLHIV), relative to age matched HIV-negative men. Erection enhancing medication (EEM) is more frequently used by HIV-positive men than in the general male population. Increased sexually transmitted infection has been described in HIV-positive men with ED using EEM. This study investigated the use of EEM and party drugs (methyleendioxymethamfetamine (XTC), gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB) "fluid XTC" and alkyl nitrites "poppers") among MLHIV. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed consecutively to all patients attending 17 European HIV treatment centers. The sample included 1118 HIV-positive men, among whom 74.5% men having sex with men (MSM). The use of EEM was more frequent in MSM than in heterosexual men (odds ratio (OR) 3.33, p
Tijdschrift: AIDS Care
ISSN: 0954-0121
Issue: 8
Volume: 25
Pagina's: 1062-1066
Jaar van publicatie:2013
Trefwoorden:Viral diseases, HIV, AIDS, Men, Homosexuals, Heterosexuals, Seropositivity, Sexual behavior, Sexual dysfunction, Penis, Drugs, Risk, Disease transmission-sexual, Safe sex, Europe
  • Scopus Id: 84880507081
  • PubMed Id: 23244618