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Unravelling collective capabilities in order to support dynamic learning processes on spatial issues

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The aim of participatory processes is to initiate a durable redistribution of power relations (Arnstein, 1969), aiming at improvements of social and/or spatial conditions. In such a process, it is never clear which actors will/need to be involved, how relations will change, what issues will be addressed, etc. In other words, it is a dynamic process you can’t control. From this perspective participatory processes should be approached as collective learning processes (Albrechts, 2004), during which all actors involved experience the added values of simultaneously learning for the group and learning from the group (Wildemeersch & Vandenabeele, 2007).
Boek: The AESOP 2017 Congress eBook of Abstracts
Pagina's: 477 - 477
Jaar van publicatie:2017