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Towards efficient publish-subscribe middleware in the IoT with IPv6 multicast

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Due to its scale and dynamism, the Internet of Things (IoT) requires efficient and flexible communication support. At the network layer, IPv6 integrates heterogeneous technologies to provide interoperability, efficient multicast group communication and a flexible address space. At the application layer, publish-subscribe (pub-sub) middleware implements a scalable, dynamic and loosely-coupled data dissemination scheme. The pub-sub paradigm is a natural use case for IPv6 multicast but the two mechanisms are poorly integrated in the IoT. We tackle this problem by proposing a framework that enables the integration of pub-sub middleware and multicast to reduce communication overhead. Our solution maps application-layer subscriber groups to network-layer multicast groups. Pub-sub hosts can either implicitly derive the necessary multicast address or request it from a group manager. We evaluate our framework on an IoT network testbed composed of representative hardware and demonstrate improvements in bandwidth and energy consumption that scale with the size of the network: bandwidth consumption of a publishing sensor decreases by up to 54% for 10 subscribers and 66% for 20 subscribers. Moreover, the implementation has a minimal memory footprint, requiring only an additional 1.3% dynamic memory and 4.7% flash storage.
Boek: IEEE ICC 2016 Conference Proceedings
Aantal pagina's: 6
Jaar van publicatie:2016