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Tasting the Smell: scent Experts' and Laymen's Evaluation of Product (In)congruity

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This research studies the effect of scent expertise on product and taste evaluations in the presence of an ambient scent (in)congruent with the products. In order to gain insight into this effect, we also examine the relationship of scent expertise with odour identification and odour awareness. An experiment with 93 participants revealed that (novice) scent experts evaluated the product incongruent with the ambient scent more negatively than laymen, supporting our assumption that (novice) scent experts detected the incongruence more. Subsequent analyses show that odour identification and odour awareness were not able to fully account for the initial scent expertise effect.
Boek: Proceedings of the 42nd annual EMAC conference
Pagina's: 322 - 322
Jaar van publicatie:2013