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Tailoring commercially pure titanium using Mo₂C during selective laser melting

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Commercially pure Ti(CP Ti), Ti alloys and Ti composites have applications in a wide range of industries. With the merits of the emerging additive manufacturing technique, e.g. layerwise fabrication and rapid solidification rate, the fabrication of Ti composites with tailorable microstructure and hence controllable properties is possible. In this work, a Ti composite was fabricated through selective laser melting (SLM) of CP Ti with Mo2C, consisting of a matrix mainly from α-Ti and a small amount of ß-Ti which could potentially embed very fine existing particles. The influence of SLM on the phase formation and microstructure of the fabricated Ti composite was investigated. The results showed that a tailorable microstructure of the Ti composite can be achieved via SLM. This work provides fundamental and important information on the fabrication of Ti composites with controllable microstructure through SLM of CP Ti with ceramic particle additions.
Boek: Solid Freeform Fabrication 2017
Pagina's: 160 - 166
Jaar van publicatie:2017