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Stable electrospinning of silica nanofibres: viscosity study

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Silica nanofibres have promising characteristics for multiple applications, such as composites, filtration, catalysis, etc. Electrospinning of silica nanofibres through the sol-gel process has been carried out, but the parameters influencing the electrospinning stability have not been studied in detail. However, this knowledge is necessary for upscaling the process. In this study, the optimum viscosity to electrospin in a stable manner is determined and the preparation procedure to obtain this viscosity is evaluated. A narrow viscosity region in which electrospinning is stable could be determined, moreover this region corresponded with nanofibres having the smallest mean diameter. Uniform nanofibres could be obtained with freshly prepared sols and diluted sols, however electrospinning of the fresh sols was more stable. These results demonstrate the feasibility of upscaling the electrospinning of silica nanofibres, since they are electrospinnable in a stable, reproducible manner.
Boek: 13th Autex World Textile Conference, Proceedings
Pagina's: 1 - 4