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Spontaneous cervical swelling syndrome as a rare cause of neck edema: case series and literature review.

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Spontaneous cervical swelling syndrome (SCSS) is a rare disorder characterized by unprovoked, self-limiting and often unilateral cervical edema. SCSS is a recurrent disorder that predominantly affects adult women and is not associated with laboratory abnormalities. We report on eight female patients with a mean age of 56 (38-82) years at the time of the first presentation. The episodes were characterized by an acute onset in all patients and had a mean duration of 3.8 (1-7) days. Biochemical analysis did not reveal any related abnormalities. Imaging of the neck and chest demonstrated diffuse edema in the supraclavicular fossa and left infrahyoid region in all patients. At the time of the acute event, lymphatic scintigraphy revealed tracer accumulation in the left supraclavicular region in three patients and could not demonstrate any abnormalities in the in-between episodes in two patients.
Tijdschrift: Oxford Medical Case Reports
Issue: 5
Volume: 2021
Pagina's: omab029
Jaar van publicatie:2021