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Social facets of police patrol provision : do minority neighborhoods receive more or less police presence?

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Police officers are faced with a myriad of tasks and social responsibilities while being on patrol duty. Besides responding to emergency calls and conducting crime preventative actions, their presence as well as absence is linked to the public’s feeling of safety and critical questions of procedural justice. Against this background, the spatial distribution of police presence is examined with a focus on the provision of police resources to minority neighborhoods. Data on the location of reported crimes and tracked police patrol cars from 2019 and 2020 is linked to social variables (e.g., average income, level of education, percentage of migrants) at the neighborhood level. The data is partly provided by a medium sized European police department and partly retrieved from the public database hosted by the city in which the research took place. The analysis allows for a discussion on the social aspects of the spatial distribution of police patrol presence, the magnitude to which police resources are concentrated in minority neighborhoods, and potential explanations of this concentration.
Boek: SSEL Cluster Conference on Social Responsibility in Challenging Times, Abstracts
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Jaar van publicatie:2021