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Seksueel geweld in Belgiƫ : aard, omvang en risicofactoren van slachtofferschap van seksueel geweld in een nationaal representatieve bevolkingssteekproef = Sexual violence in Belgium : nature, magnitude and risk factors of sexual victimization among a national representative sample

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Sexual victimization (SV) remains a global issue with severe public health, judicial and societal implications. Nationally representative studies that enable us to grasp the extent of this issue are scarce. In Belgium, recent national prevalence rates are lacking. This paper presents prevalence estimates obtained through a nationally representative study among the Belgian population aged 16-69. Our estimates indicate a lifetime prevalence of SV of 64.1% (95% CI: 61.9-66.1). More specifically, 59.3% (95% CI: 57.2-61.4) have experienced hands-off SV (i.e. without physical contact) and 30.4% (95% CI: 28.5-32.4) hands-on (i.e. with physical contact). We further identified potential demographic, socio-economic, and sexual risk factors for SV. Significant associations were found for sex, age, sexual orientation, and the number of sexual partners. No such associations were found for early sexual initiation, current relationship situation, and education level. Comparisons with prevalence estimates from (inter)national studies suggest that prevalence rates in Belgium have been underestimated.
Tijdschrift: PANOPTICON
ISSN: 0771-1409
Issue: 3
Volume: 42
Pagina's: 227 - 249
Jaar van publicatie:2021