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The screening for novel inhibitors of auxin-induced Ca2+ signaling

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Ca2+-based second messenger signaling is used by many signal perception mechanisms to modulate specific cellular responses. The well-characterized phytohormone auxin elicits a very rapid Ca2+ signal, but the molecular players involved in auxin-induced Ca2+ signaling are still largely unknown. The complicated and often redundant nature of the plant Ca2+ signaling machinery makes the use of mutants and transgenic lines a painstaking process, which makes a pharmacological approach an attractive alternative to study these processes. Here, we describe the development and utilization of a screening assay that can be used to probe a compound library for inhibitors of auxin-induced Ca2+ entry in plant cell suspensions.
Boek: Plant chemical genomics : methods and protocols
Series: Methods in Molecular Biology
Pagina's: 89 - 98
Jaar van publicatie:2021