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Ranking the contributions of the wave modes to the sound transmission loss of infinite inhomogeneous periodic structures

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In recent years, periodic structures such as metamaterials and phononic crystals have come to the fore in the search for innovative lightweight and compact noise and vibration solutions. The vibro-acoustic performance of these structures is often analyzed by means of dispersion curves and/or sound transmission loss calculations, using unit cell modeling. However, the link between these two performance indicators is not always straightforward. Recently, a first step to bridge this gap was taken by Yang et al. who proposed a method which allows decomposing the sound transmission of infinite in-plane homogeneous media into a sum of wave mode contributions. Despite providing useful insights in the sound transmission of homogeneous structures, this method is limited to meshes with corner degrees-of-freedom only and hence not readily applicable to arbitrarily complex, inhomogeneous periodic structures. To expand the potential of this method towards identifying the most important transmission mechanisms in periodic media, this work extends the method towards periodic inhomogeneous structures represented by unit cells with arbitrarily complex meshes. The proposed methodology is applied to a periodic double panel partition thereby demonstrating its ability to provide new insights into the sound transmission mechanisms of periodic media/structures.
Boek: Recent Trends in Wave Mechanics and Vibrations, Proceedings of WMVC 2022
Pagina's: 734 - 742
Aantal pagina's: 9
Jaar van publicatie:2022