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Query Reverse Engineering in the Context of the Semantic Web: A State-of-the-Art

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The Query Reverse Engineering problem tries to discover a query that satisfies a set of examples based on data stored in a data source. Notwithstanding this problem has been an active research field in the relational database's research community during several years, it is starting to be approached in the context of the Semantic Web. This study is the first of its kind providing a systematic review of the state-of-the-art with regard to Query Reverse Engineering in the context of the Semantic Web. Guided by a methodology for conducting systematic mapping studies, this paper provides insights about the existing approaches to the problem, as well as some of the remaining research opportunities in it.
Boek: Futuristic Trends in Network and Communication Technologies
Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science
Volume: 1395
Pagina's: 299 - 308
Jaar van publicatie:2021