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Qualitative Evaluation of the Implementation of a Care Pathway for Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Colorectal cancer care can be standardized by using enhanced recovery protocols. However, adherence to these protocols varies. Using Medical Research Council (MRC) guidance on process evaluations, we examined the experience of health care professionals in the implementation of a care pathway for colorectal surgery, by describing the intervention, context, implementation, mechanisms, and outcomes. Based on data from semi-structured interviews, we divided respondents into two groups: those who perceived positive outcomes of the implementation and those who perceived no effect. Respondents who perceived positive outcomes reported clinical leadership, use of feedback, positive effects of standardization, and teamwork as factors contributing to positive perceived outcomes. Respondents who perceived no effect reported a lack of organizational support, as well as challenging collaboration and standardization as mechanisms potentially explaining the poorer perception of outcomes. Multiple implementation activities were used, focusing on competence, behavior, or workplace. Our findings suggest that feedback is an important implementation activity.
Tijdschrift: Qualitative Health Research
ISSN: 1049-7323
Issue: 2
Volume: 31
Pagina's: 241 - 253
Jaar van publicatie:2021