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Quadrupole collectivity in neutron-rich Cd isotopes

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The investigation of the excitation energies of the 21+ –states in the neutron-rich Cd isotopes shows an irregular behaviour when approaching the neutron shell-closure at N = 82. The energy of the 21+–state in 128Cd is lower than the one in 126Cd. The transition strength B(E2, 0gs+ → 21+) in the even isotopes 122−128Cd was measured in Coulomb excitation experiments with the high-purity germanium detector array MINIBALL at REXISOLDE (CERN). The values for 122,124Cd coincide with beyond-mean-field calculations with a resultant prolate deformation, whereas 126,128Cd are better described by shell-model calculations.
Tijdschrift: EPJ Web of Conferences
ISSN: 2100-014X
Volume: 66
Jaar van publicatie:2014