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Public open space characteristics influencing adolescentsU+2019 use and physical activity : a systematic literature review of qualitative and quantitative studies

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Review Artikel

The objective of this systematic review was to provide insight into the specific characteristics of public open spaces (POS) associated with adolescents' POS visitation and physical activity (PA). Qualitative research suggests many characteristics to be associated with POS visitation and PA. Quantitative evidence confirmed a positive association between presence of trails, playgrounds and specific types of sports fields (e.g. basketball) with POS visitation and PA, whereas safety and aesthetics seemed subordinate. Suggestions for future research, as well as some methodological recommendations are provided.
Tijdschrift: Health & Place
ISSN: 1353-8292
Volume: 51
Pagina's: 158 - 173
Jaar van publicatie:2018