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Proteomic study of the sophorolipid producer Starmerella bombicola

Boek - Dissertatie

Ondertitel:Proteoom onderzoek van de sophorolipide producent Starmerella bombicola
This thesis was performed in the framework of two research projects, i.e. the IWT-SBO 'BIOSURF' project and the European FP7-project U+2018BIOSURFINGU+2019. These two projects aimed to create a platform for producing new-to-nature biosurfactants using the fungus Starmerella bombicola as host organism. This strain was selected because it naturally produces high amounts of a type of biosurfactants termed sophorolipids (SL). To have full control over SL production in an industrial setting, the biochemistry underlying SL-biosynthesis needs to be completely understood. Therefore, those projects applied a multidisciplinary approach, combining molecular biology, transcriptomics and proteomics. The proteomic experiments conducted in this framework form the subject of this doctoral thesis and in the following chapters the results of different experimental setups are described.
Pagina's: 166 p.
Jaar van publicatie:2013