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Pre-Service Teachers’ Resilience Towards School Children’s Problems In Remote Areas

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As a compulsory part of their training program, Indonesian pre-service teachers have to do a year’s training in remote areas. To date, research into transformative learning benefits of teacher training in remote areas is scarce. Therefore, thisstudy aims to investigate (1) pre-service teachers’ transformative learning experiences while teaching in remote areas, and (2) the role of pupils’ problems in this transformative learning process. This study used a qualitative approach by conducting in-depth interviews with 41 teachers from three universities in Indonesia following a pre-service teacher education program. After spending one year of their training in a remote Indonesian area, they were questioned about their teaching experiences gained during that specific training period. The data were analysed using NVIVO 11. The findings showed that pre-service teachers experienced transformative learning outcomes while teaching in remote areas. Pupils’ lack of study motivation and their low ability to understand the lesson triggered pre-service teachers to engage in a transformational learning process through which their resilience improved. Pre-service teachers perceived pupils’ problems in remote areas as an opportunity rather than a threat. The transformative learning framework of this study assists in explaining successes for their resilience improvement. Becoming resilient can encourage teachers to stay longer in the teaching profession. Therefore, teacher education programs can consider teaching in remote areas as a valuable contribution to the professional development of future teachers.
Boek:  The European Proceedings of Social & Behavioural Sciences
Volume: LIII
Pagina's: 687-699
Jaar van publicatie:2019
Trefwoorden:Pre-service teachers’ resilience, transformative learning, remote areas, school children’s problems