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Practical Collisions for EnRUPT

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The EnRUPT hash functions were proposed by O'Neil, Nohl and Henzen [5] as candidates for the SHA-3 competition, organised by NIST [4]. The proposal contains seven concrete hash functions, each having a different digest length. We present a practical collision attack on each of these seven EnRUPT variants. The time complexity of our attack varies from 2 36 to 2 40 round computations, depending on the EnRUPT variant, and the memory requirements are negligible. We demonstrate that our attack is practical by giving an actual collision example for EnRUPT-256. © 2009 Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
Boek: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Pagina's: 246 - 259
Jaar van publicatie:2009
Authors from:Higher Education