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The ovaries under supraphysiological androgen exposure

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Ovaries are the reproductive organs of women, producing the gametes and sex hormones. The production of sex hormones is important for the regulation of ovarian function and menstrual cyclicity. Transmen undergo testosterone treatment or/and gender re-affirming surgery in order to overcome gender dysphoria. This treatment might result in the cessation of the normal ovarian function. For transmen that would wish to retain their fertility options, ovarian function remains a prerequisite for genetically related offspring. Fertility treatments for transmen may occur before or in between testosterone treatment. Treatments following testosterone supplementation may have an effect in the proper ovarian function. This chapter deals in detail with the effects of testosterone on the ovarian anatomy and physiology.
Boek: Context, principles and practice of transgynecology : managing transgender patients in ob/gyn practice
Pagina's: 236 - 242
Jaar van publicatie:2023