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Offline Adaptation of Co-simulation Time Steps By Leveraging Past Co-Simulation Runs in Multi-level Mechatronic Systems

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Modeling and simulation of mechatronic systems require a multi-disciplinary approach as several physical domains interact with each other. Due to this heterogeneity, each domain can benefit from a dedicated time integration strategy as well as modeling formalism to control the error in simulation and reduce computational overhead. Current multi-rate adaptive time-stepping approaches disregard the system dynamics knowledge obtained in previous simulations and adapt the time steps at run-time as a black-box model. Although current multi-rate adaptive time-stepping approaches do not exploit the time scale of the physics of each domain, this information can be exploited in co-simulations by having a predefined multi-rate time integration approach in design space exploration and parameter identification applications, which involve repeated simulations with similar dynamics. In this study, an offline adaptive co-simulation technique is introduced. The proposed method adapts the communication and time integration time steps before the simulation using the estimated error data from past co-simulation runs. The offline adaptive co-simulations performed faster against the run-time adaptive co-simulations for comparable accuracy levels in 1D and multi-level mechatronic systems with changing loading and initial conditions.
Tijdschrift: Mechanism and Machine Theory
ISSN: 0094-114X
Volume: 171
Jaar van publicatie:2022