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Object-oriented model-based condition monitoring

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© Proceedings of ISMA 2018 - International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering and USD 2018 - International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics. All rights reserved. In systems with a reduced number of sensors, the observability requirements of state-parameter estimation schemes may lead to over simplified models, limiting the use of the estimation for condition monitoring. To overcome this limitation, this paper presents a framework where a high-fidelity model is used in combination with reduced estimation models. The estimation models are used to estimate variables related to the system's current condition, and the high-fidelity model provides the best guess on the non-observable phenomena. Thus, the high-fidelity model may aid the estimation by providing virtual inputs and a first benchmark for the estimation. In particular, this paper focuses on how to obtain estimation models from the high-fidelity model, and how to select the right sensor sets. The framework is finally applied to an scaled test bench of a vertical transportation system, showing the potential of this approach in the condition monitoring of complex industrial systems.
Boek: Proceedings of ISMA 2018
Pagina's: 489 - 503
Jaar van publicatie:2018