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Numerical Prediction and Optimization of the Sound Insulation of Wall Systems

Boek - Dissertatie

Noise coming from traffic, industrial and construction activities or neighbors affects many people, resulting in activity disturbance, social tensions and health problems. Protecting people from noise by ensuring a sufficient sound insulation of buildings is therefore important. In many wall systems, there is much freedom in the design of components that have an important influence on the overall sound insulation of the wall. However, at present there is no methodology available for obtaining acoustically optimal and practically feasible wall designs.The aim of this research is to develop such a novel methodology. It will be based on numerical modelling of the sound transmission through a given wall system, combined with shape and/or topology optimization of the acoustically critical components of that wall system. To set specific targets, optimizing two of the most common, and therefore economically most important, wall systems is aimed at: hollow masonry walls and lightweight plasterboard walls. This will be achieved by optimizing the perforation topologies of bricks and metal studs, and the cross-sectional shape of metal studs. Multidisciplinary constraints will be imposed on the weight, structural performance and perforation length scale to ensure that the optimal designs are practical feasible.
Jaar van publicatie:2020