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Numerical analysis of debonding between CFRP strips and concrete in shear tests under static and blast loads

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The present paper deals with the finite element (FE) analysis of the bond slip between concrete and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) strips in a single bond shear test under static loads and in a double bond shear test under blast loading. A plastic damage material model and an elastic material model are used to model the concrete prism and the unidirectional CFRP strip, respectively. The bond interface between concrete and CFRP strip is simulated using a cohesive bond model. For the static loads, the numerical model is validated with experimental tests available in the literature. The debonding failure mode, the delamination loads and the strain distribution along the CFRP strip are predicted. The numerical results show a good agreement with the experimental data using the cohesive bond model. For the blast loads, the validated cohesive bond model is used. A parametric study with respect to the width and the length of the CFRP is conducted. Moreover, the reflected pressure and impulse are varied to highlight the effect of the propagation of the blast wave in the debonding process under blast loads.
Boek: PROTECT 2019 : 7th International Colloquium on Performance, Protection & Strengthening of Structures Under Extreme Loading & Events, Proceedings
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Jaar van publicatie:2019