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Non-destructive evaluation of an infusion process using capacitive sensing technique

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In this study, a capacitive sensing based non-destructive evaluation technique is applied to a vacuum assisted resin infusion process for the fabrication of glass fibre reinforced composites, as such different steps of the fabrication process (the injection of resin, the curing and the post curing) can be better understood to increase the quality of the fabricated part and reduce the fabrication costs. An interdigital coplanar capacitivesensor was designed, fabricated, and embedded in the glass fibre reinforced composites. Experimental data clearly shows different stages of the resin infusion process: wetting of the glass fibres marked by rapid increase of capacitance; domination of ionic conduction at the early stage of the cure when the resin is still in a liquid state; the vitrification point, indicating a transition of the resin from a gelly state to a glassy state, marked by the relatively big decrease in capacitance; further polymerization during post-curing, marked by a peak in capacitance at the beginning of post-curing cycle, and finally the completion of the cure marked by the saturation of capacitance to a final value. The different phenomena observed during the experiment can be used as a toolfor in situ on-line monitoring of composites cure.
Boek: Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing VI
Pagina's: 293 - 297
Jaar van publicatie:2016