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Nigerian and Ghanaian women working in the Brussels red-light district

Boek - Boek

This volume casts a light on the working conditions and the experiences of 38 women of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin, whose daily struggles and challenges are recalled from interviews in the field. Working within the red-light district of Brussels, an area with high crime rates and lacking in basic healthcare provision, the women are faced with a number of issues on a daily basis, ranging from security and health-related concerns to work-related stress, discrimination and perceived stigma. Full voice is given to their stories, as well as contributions from state actors and local inhabitants, with the chief aim of building safe and healthy places for both residents and workers alike. The authors conclude by presenting clear recommendations and tools for practitioners and policymakers, designed to improve the outcomes of migrant women working not just within the red-light district of Brussels, but also within wider European and global contexts.