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Natural Media Simulation and Art-Directable Simulations for Computer Animation

Boek - Dissertatie

Computer graphics is a vast domain within computer sciences which encompasses simulation and visualization of physical effects like the behaviour of fluids, gasses and object interactions such as collisions and deformations. Such simulations are often defined by the underlying laws and equations of physics which leave little control over the outcome of these simulations. The focus of this dissertation is twofold: first of all the high-fidelity simulation of natural media such as oil paint and secondly we construct an intuitive direct-manipulation technique for easily constructing keyframes. This research enables traditional oil paint artists to truthfully practice their skills away from their art studios. As a second benefit, it enables new users to try out oil paint at no cost and a very low barrier . Additionally, it provides a new method for animators to easily construct physically plausible keyframe shapes that can be used for controlling simulations.
Jaar van publicatie:2017