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The mapping of technological texture in electrical insulators

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One of the main criteria of any technology for the production of insulators is to ensure the most homogeneous mixture of material used in their manufacture. In the case of increased heterogeneity of ceramic blanks, the fired insulators made therefrom are characterized by an increased number of cracks on their surface, lower mechanical quality, which means reduced production quality and efficiency. This represents a loss of material and financial resources for the manufacturer. In this paper is proposed a method of measuring the homogeneity of dielectrics in the manufacture of very high voltage insulators, using the voltages on the surface of the sample placed between the electrodes, together with a demonstration of their qualityevaluation using geographic information systems. As an example, the results from the measurement of the homogeneity of ceramic blanks are presented. For the evaluation of the homogeneity of the measured environment was used a) expression in the form of a shape index,which expresses the deviation of the measured equipotential level of voltage from the ideal homogeneous state; b) display of functional dependence of voltage on distance; and c) 3D visualization of measured voltage in the sample. Geographic information systems have provedto be a suitable means of evaluating and visualizing the results of the measurement quality in homogeneity of blanks by the method of measuring the voltage on the sample surface. The proposed method of measurement and evaluation is also applicable to other materials and hasits application in the didactics of electrotechnical materials.
Boek: Conference proceedings of the 13th International Scientific Conference on Distance Learning in Appied informatics.
Pagina's: 183 - 193
Aantal pagina's: 11
Jaar van publicatie:2020