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Liang ShumingU+2019s China : the Country of Reason (1967-1970) : revolution, religion, and ethnicity in the reinvention of the Confucian tradition

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Liang ShumingU+2019s U+6881U+6F31U+6E9F (1893U+20131988) China: the Country of Reason (Zhongguo: lixing zhi guo U+4E2DU+56FD:U+7406U+6027U+4E4BU+56FD) is a little-known, posthumously published manuscript composed between 1967 and 1970 during the Cultural Revolution. It offers a unique perspective on LiangU+2019s philosophical attempt to reconcile the Communist revolutionary legacy with the Confucian tradition that he continued to uphold in mainland China after the founding of the PeopleU+2019s Republic. By presenting and analyzing the main themes and concepts of this book, I try to cast some light on LiangU+2019s idiosyncratic repurposing of historical materialist concepts in reinterpreting what he takes to be U+201Cearly enlightenmentU+201D accomplished through the Confucian celebration of U+201CreasonU+201D (lixing U+7406U+6027) and its U+201Creplacement of religion by morality.U+201D In doing so, I explore the complex relations between revolutionary, religious, and ethnic identity in his late philosophy.
ISSN: 2197-4241
Issue: 4
Volume: 7
Pagina's: 603 - 620