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Liaisons dangereuses? : De evolutie van de crime-terror nexus in kaart gebracht

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

The idea of a genuine nexus between crime and terrorism has been gaining considerable traction from the 1990s up to now. However, despite more than twenty years of research, the concept is still far from fully consolidated. One reason for this is that both issues are marked by a trajectory of continuous development. Thus, where both crime and terrorism have evolved, so too have the links between these phenomena. Against this backdrop, the term U+2018crime-terror nexusU+2019 has come to take on different meanings and is often subject to varying interpretations. On that account, the present paper aims to take stock of two decades of research into this topic, with a deliberate emphasis on the ways in which our understanding of the crime-terror nexus has developed over time. In addition, policy implications related to these dynamic interconnections between crime and terrorism are considered.
Tijdschrift: PANOPTICON
ISSN: 0771-1409
Issue: 2
Volume: 41
Pagina's: 139 - 180
Jaar van publicatie:2020