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An investigation of cybercrime victims' reporting behavior

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

Even though the dark number is especially high for cybercrimes, it is unclear by whom and to whom cybercrime is reported. Therefore, this study will answer the following questions: (1) who reports cybercrime incidents, and (2) to whom do victims report cybercrime? Analyses based on survey data including 334 recent cybercrime victims, indicate that 73.4% of victims do not report the incident. Cybercrime victims who do report are significantly older. In addition, 40.4% of the reporting victims notified the police, while others contacted a wide diversity of organizations. Based on these results, awareness raising campaigns should especially encourage young victims to report cybercrime incidents to the police. It would moreover be useful to appoint and promote a more centralized reporting channel.
Tijdschrift: European journal of crime, criminal law and criminal justice
ISSN: 0928-9569
Volume: 29
Pagina's: 66 - 78
Jaar van publicatie:2021
Trefwoorden:A1 Journal article