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Interval Coded Scoring Index with Interaction Effects: a Sensitivity Study

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© Copyright 2016 by SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications, Lda. All rights reserved. Scoring systems have been used since long in medical practice, but often they are based on experience rather than a structural approach. In literature, the interval coded scoring index (ICS) has been introduced as an alternative. It derives a scoring system from data using optimization techniques. This work discusses an extension, ICS∗, that takes variable interactions into account. Furthermore, a study is performed to give insight into the new model's sensitivity to noise, the size of the data set and the number of non-informative variables. The study shows interactions can mostly be discovered robustly, even in the presence of noise and spurious variables. A final validation on two UCI data sets further indicates the quality of the approach.
Boek: Proc. 5th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods
Pagina's: 33 - 40
Jaar van publicatie:2016