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Integrated photonics in single-crystal diamond: demonstration of mm-long waveguides, high-efficiency gratings and wideband directional couplers

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Single-crystal diamond (SCD) is a promising material for integrated photonics, yet technologically challenging. We show how to overcome these challenges and demonstrate long waveguides, efficient gratings and wideband directional couplers in SCD.
Boek: Advanced Photonics 2018 (BGPP, IPR, NP, NOMA, Sensors, Networks, SPPCom, SOF)
Volume: Part F101-IPRSN 2018
Aantal pagina's: 2
Jaar van publicatie:2018
Trefwoorden:Chemical vapor deposition, Grating couplers, Nitrogen vacancy centers, Optical directional couplers, Waveguide gratings