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How to Explore the Architectural Qualities of Interactive Architecture - Virtual or physical or both?

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While the theoretical possibilities and implications of interactive architecture are promising, much still is unknown how these can be practically translated towards purposeful deployments. To understand the true dynamic qualities of interactive architecture, the only method is experiencing its hedonic qualities firsthand. To this end, working prototypes need to be realised and their actual impact measured. In this paper, we compare two potential experimental strategies for interactive architecture prototype evaluation, as we benchmark the conceptual, technological and methodological differences between a life-size, physical prototype and an immersive virtual reality simulation. By presenting the preliminary findings of each strategy, we discuss how their unique strengths and weaknesses could complement each other in future research endeavours.
Boek: Anthropologic: Architecture and Fabrication in the cognitive age - Proceedings of the 38th eCAADe Conference
Pagina's: 219 - 231
Jaar van publicatie:2020