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High-yield parallel transfer print integration of III-V substrate-illuminated C-band photodiodes on silicon photonic integrated circuits

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Transfer printing is an enabling technology for the efficient integration of III-V semiconductor devices on a silicon waveguide circuit. In this paper we discuss the transfer printing of substrate-illuminated III-V C-band photodetectors on a silicon photonic waveguide circuit. The devices were fabricated on an InP substrate, encapsulated and underetched in FeCl3, held in place by photoresist tethers. Using a 2x2 arrayed PDMS stamp with a pitch of 500 mu m in x-direction and 250 mu m in y-direction the photodiodes were transfer printed onto DVS-BCB-coated SOI waveguide circuits interfaced with grating couplers. 83 out of 84 devices were successfully integrated.
Volume: 10923
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Jaar van publicatie:2019