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Guidance for the governance of public-private collaborations in vaccine post-marketing settings in Europe

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Introduction: The 2009 influenza pandemic highlighted challenges for vaccine post-marketing monitoring in Europe, particularly the need to have appropriate infrastructures to strengthen public-private collaborations (PPCs) with suitable processes to improve stakeholder interactions and collection and analysis of safety and effectiveness data. The ADVANCE consortium comprises public and private stakeholders who have worked together to build and test new system components for vaccine post-marketing projects, one component being a governance framework for efficient, transparent and trustworthy PPCs.

Methods: Based on the results of a landscape analysis and screening of formalised existing governance structures, we identified the elements of a governance framework and developed recommendations to support stakeholders willing and able to implement collaborative projects. These proposals and their implementation were discussed by 70 experts during a workshop to gain from their experience.

Results: We identified core governance principles and defined five fundamental functions (decision-making, scientific advice, quality control and audit, implementation and management, and financial administration) that can be attributed to individual partner organisations or to a committee with representatives from more than one partner organisation. We propose a generic governance model with options for its adaptation to specific contexts and projects. The advantages and disadvantages of PPCs were also examined. Stakeholders' concerns (e.g. scientific integrity and public trust) were addressed through recommendations about transparent decision-making rules and conflict of interest management.

Conclusions: No one-size-fits-all solution for PPC governance exists but our recommendations could be used to set-up a tailored-made and fully transparent governance structure supporting collaborative projects in the European vaccine post-marketing environment. To allow the rapid establishment of robust projects, the next steps will involve this guidance being used by real-world collaborations to assess what works and what does not work and what added-value can be obtained from these collaborations. (C) 2019 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Tijdschrift: Vaccine
ISSN: 0264-410X
Issue: 25
Volume: 37
Pagina's: 3278-3289
Aantal pagina's: 12
Jaar van publicatie:2019
Trefwoorden:Public-private partnership, Vaccine benefit-risk, Post-marketing studies, Governance model, Multi-stakeholders collaboration, ADVANCE CODE, CONDUCT