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Global Brain and the Future of Human Society

Tijdschriftbijdrage - Tijdschriftartikel

The Global Brain is a leading hypothesis explaining the current evolution of the human system. Recent multidisciplinary research at the Global Brain Institute has laid a potential framework for thinking about the future of human society within the context of the emergence of a global brain this century. In this article, I outline the theory of challenge propagation and explain how this theory can help us formulate an empirical understanding of the future of individual and collective human experience with a global brain. This includes a prescriptive and predictive analysis of the future of governance and religion. The article invites discussion as well as critical and constructive feedback as its sole purpose is to stimulate a decentralized discussion that will help us all better understand the future of human organization in the twenty-first century.
Tijdschrift: World Future Review
ISSN: 1946-7567
Issue: 2
Volume: 6
Pagina's: 143-150
Aantal pagina's: 8
Jaar van publicatie:2014
Trefwoorden:future, evolution, anthropology, global brain, technology