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Getting (Empirically) Back To(wards)(pre-)(Existential) Basics

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In the Hierarchy Theory SIG of the 2006 ISSS meeting in Sonoma we presented a paper entitled "Living in Hyperscale: Internalization as a Search for Reunification", which concluded as follows:
"We view our universe's evolution, and its entire post-'big bang' history, as an assembly of interacting individual attempts to 'turn back the clock' to the intimate unification of a pre-'big bang' state."
The core underlying hypothesis of our argument was that the essential process of Nature is its evolution from the 'big bang singularity' of global unification towards the 'ecosystemic multiplicity' of local differentiation. But why has this evolution taken place? And why is Nature still evolving all around us?
The following sentence of the paper stated that:
"Relativity - the cause of localization and differentiation, and of the inevitability of inter-locational delay and informational incompleteness - precludes any 'factual' achievement of this aim, leaving only the surrogate possibility of virtual reunification through environmental internalization."
Relativity certainly precludes any complete 'factual' achievement of reunification, but not a partial shift from 'factual' analog quasi-unification towards 'factual' digital quasi-unification. We now believe that the 'attractor' of unification is not only responsible for environmental internalization, but that it is the driving force behind evolution. Attempted reunification is not only 'virtual'; it lies at the root of natural survivalist pragmatism: it is the very nature of reality itself!
Everything around us, and in us, is a process of, or the result of an attempted (systemic) reunification. We present the image of an initially analog universe, perturbed by the 'injection' of asymmetry at the 'big bang', which progressively builds more complex structures in a mistaken bid to regain its undifferentiated wholeness. At every stage of its evolutionary localization, in the creation of strings, of fermions and bosons, of atoms and molecules, of bio-chemicals and organisms, of scale, hierarchy and hyperscale, its target is to re-establish homogeneity of communication, through the development of energy-based digitality in place of peaceful analog communion.
We do not presume that the universe is a 'living entity', but point out that life is a natural emergence from the low-level identity-retaining awareness of elementary Newtonian interactions.
Rather than exposing the historical endeavors which led up to the acceptance of this expanded point of view we present in this paper an empirical justification for its adoption, through many examples from a multiplicity of natural science, systems science, ecological, sociological, technological, psychological and neurological domains.
Boek: Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences
Pagina's: 1-11
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Jaar van publicatie:2009
Trefwoorden:Hierarchy, Evolution, Unification, Life, System Theory, Sustainability
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